Investment Professionals Recommend Capital Coloured Diamonds

Diamond investment is a hot topic in the investing world. Diamond prices, especially for colored diamonds, have been rising steadily for the last 30 years, and are projected to keep going up. To understand exactly why investing in diamonds has become so popular, and how to join in, we asked some local investment experts about Capital Coloured Diamonds, Canada’s largest seller of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds. According to Capital Coloured Diamonds, they can practically guarantee that a purchase of a colored diamond this year will mean increased value in years to come.

We asked a local investment expert who doesn’t work for Capital Coloured Diamonds to weigh in on the company, and on diamond investing overall. Here’s his advice, “Diamond investment is a great way to add a stable investment to your portfolio. It’s a steady market that should continue to see growth. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to my clients that they invest solely in diamonds, a diamonds investment can be a really smart piece to a well-rounded portfolio. If you’re interested in investing in diamonds, Capital Coloured Diamonds is a really great company to help you make an investment.”

What makes Capital Coloured Diamonds such a great choice? First, they have great prices. They regularly beat their competition’s prices, meaning that you can minimize the amount you invest when you get a diamond from Capital Coloured Diamonds, without changing the amount you can expect to get back from your investment. Capital Coloured Diamonds also has special investment experts trained to help their clients select the best investment piece. They aren’t just there to sell diamonds, like most firms. The experts at Capital Coloured Diamonds can really help you plan your investment strategy.  They deal only in fair trade and cruelty-free diamonds, so their investors know that they are making a smart and ethical investment.


Capital Coloured Diamonds Expands around the World

Capital Coloured Diamonds, the well-known Canadian diamond company, is seeing huge growth. Not only are they adding new staff and showing great sales numbers, they have recently gone from a company that makes most of their sales in Canada and the United States to a company with clients all over the globe. They are expanding around the world to new countries, and have clients coming in from new countries and regions almost every day. Capital Coloured Diamonds is very excited about their new international opportunities and looks forward to continued expansion around the world.

Capital Coloured Diamonds recently put on their first major international event, a large auction in Bahrain. The event was wildly successful and attracted both new and returning clients from around the Middle East and even some clients from Europe and Northern Africa. It was the first large event that Capital Coloured Diamonds had put on for its clients in that region. Capital Coloured Diamonds find international clients through their events, through their web site, and by word of mouth from existing customers.

As they grow more and more, Capital Coloured Diamonds is adapting to their new international status. For example, they have hired cultural competency consultants to come in and train Capital Coloured Diamonds staff on how to work with people from all different cultural backgrounds. They now have staff that speak several languages, and have retained a translation service to help them eliminate language barriers with their potential clients. Particularly for large or first-time investors, Capital Coloured Diamonds knows that clients are often most comfortable in their first language.

They now have a huge international footprint, but it is important to them that they stay rooted in Toronto, where their headquarters are located. Capital Coloured Diamonds is very involved in the Canadian business sector, and the company is a proud member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau of Canada.

Better Business Bureau Member Capital Coloured Diamonds

Capital Coloured Diamonds is a large international investment player based in Toronto, Canada. The company highly values ethics, fair trade, and responsible business practices. As part of their corporate wellness and good citizenship program, Capital Coloured Diamonds recently became an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Canada.

The Canadian Better Business Bureau is an organization that oversees business practices in Canada and helps set international business best practices. Their vision is to create “an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.”  They rely on the support of their members to ensure the excellence, transparency, and ethics of the business community in Canada. They also serve and represent consumers with complaints against businesses. The Better Business Bureau is also an important policy influencer. They help lawmakers make rules that will ensure fair trade and good business practices in Canada. The Better Business Bureau also helps their members communicate with policy makers.

The Better Business Bureau of Canada has hundreds of companies as members. Their members are small, large, and medium companies from a wide variety of industries. All of their members go through a strict vetting and accredidation process to make sure that they will adhere to the Better Business Bureau’s values of excellence, teamwork, trust, integrity, and respect. Capital Coloured Diamonds passed their accreditation test with flying colors, and is proud to call itself an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

As a member of the Better Business Bureau, Capital Coloured Diamonds shares ideas, recommendations, and experiences with other members. They have access to a resource library and other types of assistance. The Better Business Bureau also ranks and reports on its members, so Capital Coloured Diamonds can use its strong ranking to attract and reassure clients. Capital Coloured Diamonds looks forward to continuing to contribute to the work of the Better Business Bureau.

Capital Coloured Diamonds’s Bahrain Sale

For three days in October, Canadian diamond investment company Capital Coloured Diamonds hosted a very special sale and auction in Manama, Bahrain. They sold some of their most valuable and unique pieces to special clients from Bahrain and around the Middle East. This was the first major international auction for Capital Coloured Diamonds, and it was a great success both for the company and their invited guests. The auction was put on by Ritchies Auctioneers, a Canadian auction group with a wealth of knowledge and experience in auctioning luxury goods.

The Bahrain auction featured a remarkable catalog of some of the world’s rarest and most beautiful diamonds, both as loose diamonds and as rings, earrings, and necklaces. Capital Coloured Diamonds has a very large and diverse collection of colored diamonds, and their collections staff curated the best possible collection of diamonds for this special event. Guests at the Bahrain auction were treated to the best of the best of the collection. They also enjoyed food, drinks, and a chance to mingle.

Everyone at the auction had a great time. One of the attendees gushed, “This event was such a fun way to shop! A lot of investment firms seem so stuffy and impersonal. It was wonderful to meet some of the Capital Coloured Diamonds staff in person and to get their opinions on some of the diamonds that were up for auction. I ended up picking up a beautiful loose Pink Argyle Diamond, I’m so thrilled that I decided to come tonight.”

Capital Coloured Diamonds was very pleased with the success of this major international auction. They look forward to organizing more auctions around the world so that they can show their collection and meet more potential colored diamond investors. Check their web site at for information about upcoming auctions and other events.

Capital Coloured Diamonds is Based in Toronto

Toronto is a great place to do business. Over the past several years, the city has been working hard to attract big businesses and to make sure that local businesses are well supported. They host community forums, and have a direct point of contact in the mayor’s office for concerns from businesses. In addition, Toronto’s neighborhoods, schools, and cultural events make the city a great place for businesspeople and their families to live. As a result, Toronto can now boast a large number of very successful businesses that call Toronto home. One example of a big and very successful business that is based in Toronto is Capital Coloured Diamonds. Even though Capital Coloured Diamonds has a major international presence, they chose Toronto as their base of operations because the city is so business-friendly and makes a great base for their worldwide operation.

Capital Coloured Diamonds is an investment company that provides their clients with some of the best diamonds in the world. They have a large staff of diamond experts ready to assist clients in selecting and investing in diamonds. They specialize in Natural Coloured Fancy Diamonds such as Argyle Pink Diamonds and other special, rare stones. They work with elite clients all over the world, and deal with diamond sellers in Africa, Australia, and in other locations.  Capital Coloured Diamonds puts on special events in major cities on different continents.

Despite the fact that Capital Coloured Diamonds works around the world, the company chose Toronto as a home base. A representative said, “Toronto is a great home for us! It gives our headquarters a wonderful place to live, and makes it easy to recruit top talent from around the world. We love working in a city that values business growth and innovation like Toronto does. We also love being surrounded by such wonderful corporate neighbors!”

How Capital Coloured Diamonds Maintains Security

Many companies have high security needs, and turn to different strategies to keep their business secure. Capital Coloured Diamonds is a diamond investment firm that keeps a large store of diamonds in stock. They also handle a great deal of personal, private, and financial information that they need to keep safe both in their offices and online. How does Capital Coloured Diamonds keep their physical and online information safe? They gave us some information on how they ensure security, and some advice for other companies that might have similar security needs.

Capital Coloured Diamonds has a large office in Toronto, Canada. While all of their diamonds are not stored in their offices, they often bring precious stones into their offices for meetings with clients or for appraisal or categorization.  Because of the high value in their offices, visitors are limited. Some clients and visitors can gain special access to the offices, but access to the storage areas is restricted to essential personnel only. Everyone who works for Capital Coloured Diamonds goes through a thorough background check, and access to the building is restricted by encoded key cards. Capital Coloured Diamonds also contracts with trusted security agencies to provide security guards, surveillance tapes, and anti-theft technology.

Online, Capital Coloured Diamonds uses state of the art encryption techniques to protect their information and their clients’ information.  They use special secure servers to make sure that no outside party can access any of the confidential personal or financial information that they collect from their clients. Like with physical access to the building, only staff with special clearance can access clients’ information.

Capital Coloured Diamonds also needs secure transportation. They generally transport their diamonds in small private planes.  All of their pilots and diamond carriers are pre-screened by a trusted security agency, and their security clearances are regularly renewed.

Capital Coloured Diamonds Pink Argyle Diamonds

Pink argyle diamonds are one of the hottest trends in jewelry right now.  These very valuable pink diamonds are about 20 times as valuable as more traditional clear diamonds because of their color and rarity. Pink diamonds are extremely popular and valuable, and the pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond mine are considered the most valuable. The Argyle Diamond mine produces the largest number of pink diamonds out of all diamond mines in the world. Argyle Pink Diamonds come from the mine in Perth, Australia, but they are sold all over the world by companies like Capital Coloured Diamonds. They are usually sold by invitation only at special diamond selling events. If you are interested in learning more about pink argyle diamonds, contact Capital Coloured Diamonds.

Capital Coloured Diamonds is one of the top sellers of pink argyle diamonds in the world. Because they are such a large and major buyer of diamonds, they are able to get some of the best prices on pink argyle diamonds as compared to other companies. On their web site, you can see beautiful custom jewelry made with stunning pink diamonds. You can also see examples of loose pink diamonds of several shapes, cuts, and sizes.

Pink argyle diamonds are also an excellent investment opportunity. As they increase in popularity, pink argyle diamonds are expected to increase in price. As they begin to grow more and more popular, pink diamonds also are projected to become even more rare, and therefore more valuable. Since only so many diamonds can be produced, price and demand are projected to increase. Capital Coloured Diamonds have special investment specialists who can help people determine which type of pink diamond would be the best investment for them.  If you are interested in diamonds as a stable, solid investment, get in touch with the experts at Capital Coloured Diamonds to get started today.