The Rare Beauty of Coloured Diamonds with Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini

Capital Coloured Diamonds, a Canadian diamond company directed by James Gagliardini, is one the most trusted names in the coloured diamond industry. The staff at Capital Coloured Diamonds has combined experience of over 50 years in the coloured diamond industry. Clients can trust that the staff at Capital Coloured Diamonds will bring their passion for coloured diamonds into every transaction that occurs. The staff at Capital Coloured Diamonds, including James Gagliardini, is extremely knowledgeable about coloured diamonds. They do not view the coloured diamond’s current popularity as a trend or a fad. They are committed to providing potential investors with all the relevant facts and statistics that apply to the coloured diamond industry. Their dedication and commitment to service is apparent to anyone who has worked with the Capital Coloured Diamond staff.

The first thing that the staff at Capital Coloured Diamonds is likely to explain to any potential investor is just how rare coloured diamonds actually are. A statistic that one may find surprising is that only thirty-three red diamonds have been found since 1983. The Argyle Mine, located in Australia, is responsible for supplying over 90% of the world’s pink coloured diamonds and yet an entire yield of diamonds weighing a half of a carat or more would fit into the palm of your hand. Equally surprising may be the fact that red and blue diamonds of a similar size would hardly fill a teaspoon. The extreme rarity of coloured diamonds is what makes them so valuable and therefore such a solid investment, assures James Gagliardini. Coloured diamonds are also a tangible asset that sets them apart from traditional stocks and bonds.

Coloured diamonds come in an array of naturally occurring colours. One of the most popular coloured diamond colours is pink. Pink diamonds are a result of structural pressure placed on the diamond lattice during its formation. Pink diamonds are the rarest coloured diamond in the world. Yellow is another popular coloured diamond colour. Yellow diamonds are the result of trace elements of nitrogen bonding with carbon atoms during the formation of the diamond crystal. Yellow diamonds can range in intensity from pale or canary yellow to fancy vivid yellow, the most desirable and expensive in the yellow family of coloured diamonds.

Whatever your particular preference is in terms of coloured diamonds, Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini have the skills and the knowledge to help you make a stunning investment.


Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini Promote Conflict-Free Diamonds

Capital Coloured Diamonds, a Canadian company directed by James Gagliardini, specializes in the sale of investment quality coloured diamonds. Coloured diamonds have a reputation for being one of the most rare and sought after gems in the world. Coloured diamonds are so rare that their value continues to appreciate at a staggering rate even as other paper investments decline. Coloured diamonds are a tangible asset that continues to increase in popularity. Capital Coloured Diamonds is one of the industry leaders in the acquisition and sale of coloured diamonds. Many investors are concerned about the means by which coloured diamonds are procured. Capital Coloured Diamonds is very pleased to state that all of their diamonds are conflict-free. Capital Coloured Diamonds has a strongly stated opposition to dealing in any coloured diamonds that are acquired from conflict-free mines.

There has been an increased public awareness, due in part to media attention, regarding the term “conflict diamond.” Many recent films, including Blood Diamond, Die Another Day, and Lord of War, have highlighted the horrors and corruption associated with conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds, also called blood diamonds or war diamonds, refers to diamonds that are mined in a war zone and then sold to finance an insurgency or other activity that negatively impacts the indigenous population. Most of these diamonds are mined in Africa where unstable and cruel political systems are often fueled by the sale of conflict diamonds.

Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini, in addition to never dealing in conflict diamonds, are also active in promoting ethical working conditions for the employees of the major mines from which they do acquire coloured diamonds. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia is a perfect example. The Argyle Diamond Mine is responsible for providing over 90% of the world’s pink coloured diamonds. Capital Coloured Diamonds is pleased to state that the Argyle Diamond Mine is committed to the highest standards regarding worker safety and worker relations. In addition, the directors of the Argyle Diamond Mine work closely with the local community to promote conservation and environmental efforts.

Capital Coloured Diamonds is very proud of their stated stand on the sale of conflict diamonds. They believe that their clients respect this ethical decision.

Establishing the Quality of Coloured Diamonds with Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini

Capital Coloured Diamonds is a leader in the fancy coloured diamond investment industry. Capital Coloured Diamonds, a Canadian business directed by James Gagliardini, is devoted to pairing clients with their perfect investment coloured diamond. Capital Coloured Diamonds is praised not only by their clients, but they are members of the Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce as well. Privacy is a top concern for the staff at Capital Coloured Diamonds. Coloured diamond transactions that occur through Capital Coloured Diamonds are never disclosed. Coloured diamonds are categorized as a non-reporting asset and therefore their purchase and sale is legally always private. Capital Coloured Investments has a strict in house policy that forbids discussing a purchase or the location of an investment with anyone other than the client.

Capital Coloured Diamonds works directly with dealers to acquire the highest quality coloured diamonds on the market. Capital Coloured Diamonds only deals in coloured diamonds that are Gemological Institute of American (GIA) certified. This certification is a sign of quality in the coloured diamond industry. The GIA is a nonprofit institute that is incredibly well respected. Their mission is to offer protection to consumers in the gem buying industry. The GIA has established a rating system that is used to determine the quality of coloured diamonds. James Gagliardini is proud of this certification.

The GIA is the originator of the 4Cs standard for evaluating diamond quality. All of the coloured diamonds sold through Capital Coloured Diamonds have GIA ratings.

Cut: is responsible for establishing a diamond’s brilliance, sparkle, and fire. A diamond’s cut references its proportions, symmetry, and polish. The GIA grading system rates diamonds on a scale of D-Z, with D being the most perfect.

Clarity: defines a diamond’s absence of blemishes or inclusions. Internal birthmarks are called inclusions and external birthmarks are referred to as blemishes. Both appear due to the enormous pressure that is required to create a diamond. Diamonds that have no inclusions or blemishes are exceedingly rare. There are six quality grades that range from flawless (FL) to diamonds that posses obvious inclusions (I3).

Colour: the closer to colourlessness the greater the value. Of course this does not apply to coloured diamonds that fall outside of this particular colour range. Diamonds are assigned a colour rating of D-Z, with D representing colourless.

Carat Weight: refers to the diamond’s weight in metric carats. Accuracy and precision are crucial in weighing diamonds and GIA evaluators often measure diamonds to the hundred thousandths.

The Origins of Coloured Diamonds with Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini

Capital Coloured Diamonds is the premier name in the fancy coloured diamond industry. Capital Coloured Diamonds, headed up by James Gagliardini, takes great pride in the superior customer service that they offer to their clients. Each client who invests in coloured diamonds with Capital Coloured Diamonds receives excellent service. The concerns and needs of each customer are addressed by a staff of well trained and expert associates, like James Gagliardini. Capital Coloured Diamonds is a 100% Canadian owned business that operates in Toronto, Canada. All members of the Capital Coloured Diamond staff are committed to providing clients with the exact coloured diamond that meets their expectations while doing so at the best possible price. Coloured diamonds are a rare and precious asset and Capital Coloured Diamonds strives to provide clients with all the necessary facts they need to make an informed investment.

Coloured diamonds differ from traditional diamonds, as their name suggests, due to their colour. The colour in these diamonds is actually the result of the inclusion of trace elements that bond with carbon molecules during the formation of the diamond crystal. Pressure and heat are two of the basic ingredients required to produce a diamond. Carbon molecules exposed to these two factors will, over long periods of time, alter and potentially produce a diamond. The process required to create a diamond happens in only rare instances. In addition to the creation of the diamond, deep within the earth’s mantle, a second phenomenon must occur such a volcanic eruption which forces the diamonds into a mineable part of the earth’s crust.

Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini are experts in the coloured diamond industry. They understand that coloured diamonds are among the earth’s rarest elements. This rarity contributes to the value and desirability of the coloured diamond. There are very few coloured diamond mines in operation today and even rarer is the discovery of new coloured diamond mine.

Due to these circumstances, investors often seek the advice and counsel of Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini because of their strong relationships with some of the most well respected diamond cutters and polishers in the industry. Capital Coloured Diamonds stands apart from the competition when it comes to pricing as well. Capital Coloured Diamonds is often able to offer diamonds to their clients at prices up to 25% less than their competitors.

Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini on Investing in Coloured Diamonds

Capital Coloured Diamonds, a Canadian company headed by James Gagliardini, is certain that investing in coloured diamonds is a smart and stylish way to diversify your investment portfolio. Coloured diamonds are unique because they are rarely found in nature. Unlike traditional investments of stocks and bonds, coloured diamonds are a tangible asset. Even gold, the standard go-to investment in uncertain economic times, has gone through a surge only to see its prices start to decrease.

Coloured diamonds consistently appreciate in value over time. Some statistics put the appreciation of coloured diamonds at between 20-30% per year over the past thirty years. Their limited qualities contribute to their sound investment properties. The scarcity of naturally occurring fancy coloured diamonds is the essence of their value.

Another thing to consider when thinking about coloured diamonds, James Gagliardini points out, is their status as a non-registered asset according to Capital Coloured Diamonds. This allows for ample discretion on the part of the buyer or seller of coloured diamonds. The non-registered asset status conferred upon coloured diamonds means that they can be acquired without reporting the acquisition as an asset. This offers investors a sense of security if the unfortunate events of bankruptcy, a lawsuit, or divorce were to ever force the disclosure of other investments.

James Gagliardini explains that coloured diamonds are unique as an investment because they can be transported legally across international borders. They can be sold in foreign countries using foreign currency according to a representative of Capital Coloured Diamonds. Coloured diamonds can be given as a luxury gift without any of the penalties that other investments may carry.

Capital Coloured Diamonds works closely with many of the existing coloured diamond mines throughout the world in order to procure the best quality coloured diamonds available on the market. Many of the known coloured diamond mines are nearing the end of their mining capabilities and few if any new coloured diamond mines have been discovered in the past several years.

Capital Coloured Diamonds is a leader in the coloured diamond industry and well regarded by their clients and other industry professionals. If investing in coloured diamonds seems like an interesting possibility do not hesitate to contact James Gagliardini at his offices in Toronto, Canada at: (888) 474-4572.

Investment Professionals Recommend Capital Coloured Diamonds

Diamond investment is a hot topic in the investing world. Diamond prices, especially for colored diamonds, have been rising steadily for the last 30 years, and are projected to keep going up. To understand exactly why investing in diamonds has become so popular, and how to join in, we asked some local investment experts about Capital Coloured Diamonds, Canada’s largest seller of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds. According to Capital Coloured Diamonds, they can practically guarantee that a purchase of a colored diamond this year will mean increased value in years to come.

We asked a local investment expert who doesn’t work for Capital Coloured Diamonds to weigh in on the company, and on diamond investing overall. Here’s his advice, “Diamond investment is a great way to add a stable investment to your portfolio. It’s a steady market that should continue to see growth. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to my clients that they invest solely in diamonds, a diamonds investment can be a really smart piece to a well-rounded portfolio. If you’re interested in investing in diamonds, Capital Coloured Diamonds is a really great company to help you make an investment.”

What makes Capital Coloured Diamonds such a great choice? First, they have great prices. They regularly beat their competition’s prices, meaning that you can minimize the amount you invest when you get a diamond from Capital Coloured Diamonds, without changing the amount you can expect to get back from your investment. Capital Coloured Diamonds also has special investment experts trained to help their clients select the best investment piece. They aren’t just there to sell diamonds, like most firms. The experts at Capital Coloured Diamonds can really help you plan your investment strategy.  They deal only in fair trade and cruelty-free diamonds, so their investors know that they are making a smart and ethical investment.

Capital Coloured Diamonds Expands around the World

Capital Coloured Diamonds, the well-known Canadian diamond company, is seeing huge growth. Not only are they adding new staff and showing great sales numbers, they have recently gone from a company that makes most of their sales in Canada and the United States to a company with clients all over the globe. They are expanding around the world to new countries, and have clients coming in from new countries and regions almost every day. Capital Coloured Diamonds is very excited about their new international opportunities and looks forward to continued expansion around the world.

Capital Coloured Diamonds recently put on their first major international event, a large auction in Bahrain. The event was wildly successful and attracted both new and returning clients from around the Middle East and even some clients from Europe and Northern Africa. It was the first large event that Capital Coloured Diamonds had put on for its clients in that region. Capital Coloured Diamonds find international clients through their events, through their web site, and by word of mouth from existing customers.

As they grow more and more, Capital Coloured Diamonds is adapting to their new international status. For example, they have hired cultural competency consultants to come in and train Capital Coloured Diamonds staff on how to work with people from all different cultural backgrounds. They now have staff that speak several languages, and have retained a translation service to help them eliminate language barriers with their potential clients. Particularly for large or first-time investors, Capital Coloured Diamonds knows that clients are often most comfortable in their first language.

They now have a huge international footprint, but it is important to them that they stay rooted in Toronto, where their headquarters are located. Capital Coloured Diamonds is very involved in the Canadian business sector, and the company is a proud member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau of Canada.