The Rare Beauty of Coloured Diamonds with Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini

Capital Coloured Diamonds, a Canadian diamond company directed by James Gagliardini, is one the most trusted names in the coloured diamond industry. The staff at Capital Coloured Diamonds has combined experience of over 50 years in the coloured diamond industry. Clients can trust that the staff at Capital Coloured Diamonds will bring their passion for coloured diamonds into every transaction that occurs. The staff at Capital Coloured Diamonds, including James Gagliardini, is extremely knowledgeable about coloured diamonds. They do not view the coloured diamond’s current popularity as a trend or a fad. They are committed to providing potential investors with all the relevant facts and statistics that apply to the coloured diamond industry. Their dedication and commitment to service is apparent to anyone who has worked with the Capital Coloured Diamond staff.

The first thing that the staff at Capital Coloured Diamonds is likely to explain to any potential investor is just how rare coloured diamonds actually are. A statistic that one may find surprising is that only thirty-three red diamonds have been found since 1983. The Argyle Mine, located in Australia, is responsible for supplying over 90% of the world’s pink coloured diamonds and yet an entire yield of diamonds weighing a half of a carat or more would fit into the palm of your hand. Equally surprising may be the fact that red and blue diamonds of a similar size would hardly fill a teaspoon. The extreme rarity of coloured diamonds is what makes them so valuable and therefore such a solid investment, assures James Gagliardini. Coloured diamonds are also a tangible asset that sets them apart from traditional stocks and bonds.

Coloured diamonds come in an array of naturally occurring colours. One of the most popular coloured diamond colours is pink. Pink diamonds are a result of structural pressure placed on the diamond lattice during its formation. Pink diamonds are the rarest coloured diamond in the world. Yellow is another popular coloured diamond colour. Yellow diamonds are the result of trace elements of nitrogen bonding with carbon atoms during the formation of the diamond crystal. Yellow diamonds can range in intensity from pale or canary yellow to fancy vivid yellow, the most desirable and expensive in the yellow family of coloured diamonds.

Whatever your particular preference is in terms of coloured diamonds, Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini have the skills and the knowledge to help you make a stunning investment.


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