Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini Promote Conflict-Free Diamonds

Capital Coloured Diamonds, a Canadian company directed by James Gagliardini, specializes in the sale of investment quality coloured diamonds. Coloured diamonds have a reputation for being one of the most rare and sought after gems in the world. Coloured diamonds are so rare that their value continues to appreciate at a staggering rate even as other paper investments decline. Coloured diamonds are a tangible asset that continues to increase in popularity. Capital Coloured Diamonds is one of the industry leaders in the acquisition and sale of coloured diamonds. Many investors are concerned about the means by which coloured diamonds are procured. Capital Coloured Diamonds is very pleased to state that all of their diamonds are conflict-free. Capital Coloured Diamonds has a strongly stated opposition to dealing in any coloured diamonds that are acquired from conflict-free mines.

There has been an increased public awareness, due in part to media attention, regarding the term “conflict diamond.” Many recent films, including Blood Diamond, Die Another Day, and Lord of War, have highlighted the horrors and corruption associated with conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds, also called blood diamonds or war diamonds, refers to diamonds that are mined in a war zone and then sold to finance an insurgency or other activity that negatively impacts the indigenous population. Most of these diamonds are mined in Africa where unstable and cruel political systems are often fueled by the sale of conflict diamonds.

Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini, in addition to never dealing in conflict diamonds, are also active in promoting ethical working conditions for the employees of the major mines from which they do acquire coloured diamonds. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia is a perfect example. The Argyle Diamond Mine is responsible for providing over 90% of the world’s pink coloured diamonds. Capital Coloured Diamonds is pleased to state that the Argyle Diamond Mine is committed to the highest standards regarding worker safety and worker relations. In addition, the directors of the Argyle Diamond Mine work closely with the local community to promote conservation and environmental efforts.

Capital Coloured Diamonds is very proud of their stated stand on the sale of conflict diamonds. They believe that their clients respect this ethical decision.


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