The Origins of Coloured Diamonds with Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini

Capital Coloured Diamonds is the premier name in the fancy coloured diamond industry. Capital Coloured Diamonds, headed up by James Gagliardini, takes great pride in the superior customer service that they offer to their clients. Each client who invests in coloured diamonds with Capital Coloured Diamonds receives excellent service. The concerns and needs of each customer are addressed by a staff of well trained and expert associates, like James Gagliardini. Capital Coloured Diamonds is a 100% Canadian owned business that operates in Toronto, Canada. All members of the Capital Coloured Diamond staff are committed to providing clients with the exact coloured diamond that meets their expectations while doing so at the best possible price. Coloured diamonds are a rare and precious asset and Capital Coloured Diamonds strives to provide clients with all the necessary facts they need to make an informed investment.

Coloured diamonds differ from traditional diamonds, as their name suggests, due to their colour. The colour in these diamonds is actually the result of the inclusion of trace elements that bond with carbon molecules during the formation of the diamond crystal. Pressure and heat are two of the basic ingredients required to produce a diamond. Carbon molecules exposed to these two factors will, over long periods of time, alter and potentially produce a diamond. The process required to create a diamond happens in only rare instances. In addition to the creation of the diamond, deep within the earth’s mantle, a second phenomenon must occur such a volcanic eruption which forces the diamonds into a mineable part of the earth’s crust.

Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini are experts in the coloured diamond industry. They understand that coloured diamonds are among the earth’s rarest elements. This rarity contributes to the value and desirability of the coloured diamond. There are very few coloured diamond mines in operation today and even rarer is the discovery of new coloured diamond mine.

Due to these circumstances, investors often seek the advice and counsel of Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini because of their strong relationships with some of the most well respected diamond cutters and polishers in the industry. Capital Coloured Diamonds stands apart from the competition when it comes to pricing as well. Capital Coloured Diamonds is often able to offer diamonds to their clients at prices up to 25% less than their competitors.


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