Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini on Investing in Coloured Diamonds

Capital Coloured Diamonds, a Canadian company headed by James Gagliardini, is certain that investing in coloured diamonds is a smart and stylish way to diversify your investment portfolio. Coloured diamonds are unique because they are rarely found in nature. Unlike traditional investments of stocks and bonds, coloured diamonds are a tangible asset. Even gold, the standard go-to investment in uncertain economic times, has gone through a surge only to see its prices start to decrease.

Coloured diamonds consistently appreciate in value over time. Some statistics put the appreciation of coloured diamonds at between 20-30% per year over the past thirty years. Their limited qualities contribute to their sound investment properties. The scarcity of naturally occurring fancy coloured diamonds is the essence of their value.

Another thing to consider when thinking about coloured diamonds, James Gagliardini points out, is their status as a non-registered asset according to Capital Coloured Diamonds. This allows for ample discretion on the part of the buyer or seller of coloured diamonds. The non-registered asset status conferred upon coloured diamonds means that they can be acquired without reporting the acquisition as an asset. This offers investors a sense of security if the unfortunate events of bankruptcy, a lawsuit, or divorce were to ever force the disclosure of other investments.

James Gagliardini explains that coloured diamonds are unique as an investment because they can be transported legally across international borders. They can be sold in foreign countries using foreign currency according to a representative of Capital Coloured Diamonds. Coloured diamonds can be given as a luxury gift without any of the penalties that other investments may carry.

Capital Coloured Diamonds works closely with many of the existing coloured diamond mines throughout the world in order to procure the best quality coloured diamonds available on the market. Many of the known coloured diamond mines are nearing the end of their mining capabilities and few if any new coloured diamond mines have been discovered in the past several years.

Capital Coloured Diamonds is a leader in the coloured diamond industry and well regarded by their clients and other industry professionals. If investing in coloured diamonds seems like an interesting possibility do not hesitate to contact James Gagliardini at his offices in Toronto, Canada at: (888) 474-4572.


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