Capital Coloured Diamonds and James Gagliardini on the Unique Option of a Coloured Diamond Engagement Ring

Capital Coloured Diamonds, headed by James Gagliardini, is the leader in the acquisition and sale of coloured diamonds. Coloured diamonds are among the world’s most rare elements. Coloured diamonds require unique circumstances and a specific chemical reaction, not to mention thousands of year, in order to form naturally. Capital Coloured Diamonds deals exclusively with these precious stones. Recently, coloured diamonds have been highlighted in the media due to their popularity as the stone of choice for celebrity engagement rings. Many celebrities have chosen to “pop the question” with a beautiful and special coloured diamond.

Jennifer Lopez is often credited with starting the coloured diamond craze. Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez in 2002 with an absolutely stunning 6.1 carat pink diamond. The gorgeous ring was worth an estimated 1.2 million dollars. Jennifer Lopez returned the ring to Ben after their engagement ended. Even though the relationship ended, James Gagliardini assures that Ben shouldn’t be too worried about his investment. Coloured diamonds are among the fastest appreciating stones on the market according to the directors at Capital Coloured Diamonds. Capital Coloured Diamonds has an excellent relationship with the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia where over 90% of the world’s pink diamonds have been found. The pink diamond is one of the most popular and most rare coloured diamonds.

Many other celebrities have celebrated the happy news of their engagement with a coloured diamond ring. Carrie Underwood is proud to show off her gorgeous five carat yellow diamond. Heidi Klum also received a canary yellow diamond engagement ring from Seal; it was a 10 carat sparkler. Rebecca Romijn has a 6 carat yellow diamond engagement ring she was given by husband Jerry O’Connell. According to James Gagliardini, Capital Coloured Diamonds knows many celebrities enjoy presenting their fiancé with a ring that is rare and exclusive. Capital Coloured Diamonds is an excellent resource on the topic of coloured diamonds. Coloured diamonds are a popular choice if you are looking to make a statement outside of cut or design. A coloured diamond ring stands apart as a special look. Coloured diamonds can be put into any traditional setting or you can work with a design expert from Capital Coloured Diamonds to create something that is one of a kind.


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