Capital Coloured Diamonds Predicts Rise in Diamond Prices

Capital Coloured Diamonds sells hundreds of highly valuable diamonds and pieces of diamond jewelry every year. However, most of their clients almost never wear the pieces they buy. Capital Coloured Diamonds sells diamonds as an investment opportunity to their clients. Many of their pieces are far too valuable for wear, even on special occasions. Why has diamond investment become so popular? According to Capital Coloured Diamonds, diamond prices are one of the few markets that rise steadily each year.  Despite the fluctuations in international and national economies, diamonds have continued to grow in value by 20-30% every year.

Capital Coloured Diamonds specializes in Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, a classification for high quality colored diamonds. They are much more valuable than other diamonds, and can get a much higher price per carat. Red diamonds are the most rare of all. According to Capital Coloured Diamonds, prices of diamonds overall have grown 100% since 2004, but prices of large and colored diamonds have grown even more.  A more than 100% return on investment in only ten years is very rare and exciting in the world of investments.

As more people become interested in investing in colored diamonds due to the emerging trend and the volatility of other markets, the prices will go up even more. Since colored diamonds are produced naturally, there is no way to speed up production or increase supply to keep up with demand. As a result, prices are projected to keep going up. For example, the Argyle mine in Australia, which produces most of the pink diamonds in the world, is expected to run out in the next ten years.

To get more information about investing in diamonds, contact one of the investment specialists at Capital Coloured Diamonds today. They are happy to answer any of your questions, or to give you more information on investing.


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