Investment Professionals Recommend Capital Coloured Diamonds

Diamond investment is a hot topic in the investing world. Diamond prices, especially for colored diamonds, have been rising steadily for the last 30 years, and are projected to keep going up. To understand exactly why investing in diamonds has become so popular, and how to join in, we asked some local investment experts about Capital Coloured Diamonds, Canada’s largest seller of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds. According to Capital Coloured Diamonds, they can practically guarantee that a purchase of a colored diamond this year will mean increased value in years to come.

We asked a local investment expert who doesn’t work for Capital Coloured Diamonds to weigh in on the company, and on diamond investing overall. Here’s his advice, “Diamond investment is a great way to add a stable investment to your portfolio. It’s a steady market that should continue to see growth. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to my clients that they invest solely in diamonds, a diamonds investment can be a really smart piece to a well-rounded portfolio. If you’re interested in investing in diamonds, Capital Coloured Diamonds is a really great company to help you make an investment.”

What makes Capital Coloured Diamonds such a great choice? First, they have great prices. They regularly beat their competition’s prices, meaning that you can minimize the amount you invest when you get a diamond from Capital Coloured Diamonds, without changing the amount you can expect to get back from your investment. Capital Coloured Diamonds also has special investment experts trained to help their clients select the best investment piece. They aren’t just there to sell diamonds, like most firms. The experts at Capital Coloured Diamonds can really help you plan your investment strategy.  They deal only in fair trade and cruelty-free diamonds, so their investors know that they are making a smart and ethical investment.


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