Capital Coloured Diamonds Expands around the World

Capital Coloured Diamonds, the well-known Canadian diamond company, is seeing huge growth. Not only are they adding new staff and showing great sales numbers, they have recently gone from a company that makes most of their sales in Canada and the United States to a company with clients all over the globe. They are expanding around the world to new countries, and have clients coming in from new countries and regions almost every day. Capital Coloured Diamonds is very excited about their new international opportunities and looks forward to continued expansion around the world.

Capital Coloured Diamonds recently put on their first major international event, a large auction in Bahrain. The event was wildly successful and attracted both new and returning clients from around the Middle East and even some clients from Europe and Northern Africa. It was the first large event that Capital Coloured Diamonds had put on for its clients in that region. Capital Coloured Diamonds find international clients through their events, through their web site, and by word of mouth from existing customers.

As they grow more and more, Capital Coloured Diamonds is adapting to their new international status. For example, they have hired cultural competency consultants to come in and train Capital Coloured Diamonds staff on how to work with people from all different cultural backgrounds. They now have staff that speak several languages, and have retained a translation service to help them eliminate language barriers with their potential clients. Particularly for large or first-time investors, Capital Coloured Diamonds knows that clients are often most comfortable in their first language.

They now have a huge international footprint, but it is important to them that they stay rooted in Toronto, where their headquarters are located. Capital Coloured Diamonds is very involved in the Canadian business sector, and the company is a proud member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau of Canada.


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