Better Business Bureau Member Capital Coloured Diamonds

Capital Coloured Diamonds is a large international investment player based in Toronto, Canada. The company highly values ethics, fair trade, and responsible business practices. As part of their corporate wellness and good citizenship program, Capital Coloured Diamonds recently became an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Canada.

The Canadian Better Business Bureau is an organization that oversees business practices in Canada and helps set international business best practices. Their vision is to create “an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.”  They rely on the support of their members to ensure the excellence, transparency, and ethics of the business community in Canada. They also serve and represent consumers with complaints against businesses. The Better Business Bureau is also an important policy influencer. They help lawmakers make rules that will ensure fair trade and good business practices in Canada. The Better Business Bureau also helps their members communicate with policy makers.

The Better Business Bureau of Canada has hundreds of companies as members. Their members are small, large, and medium companies from a wide variety of industries. All of their members go through a strict vetting and accredidation process to make sure that they will adhere to the Better Business Bureau’s values of excellence, teamwork, trust, integrity, and respect. Capital Coloured Diamonds passed their accreditation test with flying colors, and is proud to call itself an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

As a member of the Better Business Bureau, Capital Coloured Diamonds shares ideas, recommendations, and experiences with other members. They have access to a resource library and other types of assistance. The Better Business Bureau also ranks and reports on its members, so Capital Coloured Diamonds can use its strong ranking to attract and reassure clients. Capital Coloured Diamonds looks forward to continuing to contribute to the work of the Better Business Bureau.


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