Capital Coloured Diamonds’s Bahrain Sale

For three days in October, Canadian diamond investment company Capital Coloured Diamonds hosted a very special sale and auction in Manama, Bahrain. They sold some of their most valuable and unique pieces to special clients from Bahrain and around the Middle East. This was the first major international auction for Capital Coloured Diamonds, and it was a great success both for the company and their invited guests. The auction was put on by Ritchies Auctioneers, a Canadian auction group with a wealth of knowledge and experience in auctioning luxury goods.

The Bahrain auction featured a remarkable catalog of some of the world’s rarest and most beautiful diamonds, both as loose diamonds and as rings, earrings, and necklaces. Capital Coloured Diamonds has a very large and diverse collection of colored diamonds, and their collections staff curated the best possible collection of diamonds for this special event. Guests at the Bahrain auction were treated to the best of the best of the collection. They also enjoyed food, drinks, and a chance to mingle.

Everyone at the auction had a great time. One of the attendees gushed, “This event was such a fun way to shop! A lot of investment firms seem so stuffy and impersonal. It was wonderful to meet some of the Capital Coloured Diamonds staff in person and to get their opinions on some of the diamonds that were up for auction. I ended up picking up a beautiful loose Pink Argyle Diamond, I’m so thrilled that I decided to come tonight.”

Capital Coloured Diamonds was very pleased with the success of this major international auction. They look forward to organizing more auctions around the world so that they can show their collection and meet more potential colored diamond investors. Check their web site at for information about upcoming auctions and other events.


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