Capital Coloured Diamonds is Based in Toronto

Toronto is a great place to do business. Over the past several years, the city has been working hard to attract big businesses and to make sure that local businesses are well supported. They host community forums, and have a direct point of contact in the mayor’s office for concerns from businesses. In addition, Toronto’s neighborhoods, schools, and cultural events make the city a great place for businesspeople and their families to live. As a result, Toronto can now boast a large number of very successful businesses that call Toronto home. One example of a big and very successful business that is based in Toronto is Capital Coloured Diamonds. Even though Capital Coloured Diamonds has a major international presence, they chose Toronto as their base of operations because the city is so business-friendly and makes a great base for their worldwide operation.

Capital Coloured Diamonds is an investment company that provides their clients with some of the best diamonds in the world. They have a large staff of diamond experts ready to assist clients in selecting and investing in diamonds. They specialize in Natural Coloured Fancy Diamonds such as Argyle Pink Diamonds and other special, rare stones. They work with elite clients all over the world, and deal with diamond sellers in Africa, Australia, and in other locations.  Capital Coloured Diamonds puts on special events in major cities on different continents.

Despite the fact that Capital Coloured Diamonds works around the world, the company chose Toronto as a home base. A representative said, “Toronto is a great home for us! It gives our headquarters a wonderful place to live, and makes it easy to recruit top talent from around the world. We love working in a city that values business growth and innovation like Toronto does. We also love being surrounded by such wonderful corporate neighbors!”


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