How Capital Coloured Diamonds Maintains Security

Many companies have high security needs, and turn to different strategies to keep their business secure. Capital Coloured Diamonds is a diamond investment firm that keeps a large store of diamonds in stock. They also handle a great deal of personal, private, and financial information that they need to keep safe both in their offices and online. How does Capital Coloured Diamonds keep their physical and online information safe? They gave us some information on how they ensure security, and some advice for other companies that might have similar security needs.

Capital Coloured Diamonds has a large office in Toronto, Canada. While all of their diamonds are not stored in their offices, they often bring precious stones into their offices for meetings with clients or for appraisal or categorization.  Because of the high value in their offices, visitors are limited. Some clients and visitors can gain special access to the offices, but access to the storage areas is restricted to essential personnel only. Everyone who works for Capital Coloured Diamonds goes through a thorough background check, and access to the building is restricted by encoded key cards. Capital Coloured Diamonds also contracts with trusted security agencies to provide security guards, surveillance tapes, and anti-theft technology.

Online, Capital Coloured Diamonds uses state of the art encryption techniques to protect their information and their clients’ information.  They use special secure servers to make sure that no outside party can access any of the confidential personal or financial information that they collect from their clients. Like with physical access to the building, only staff with special clearance can access clients’ information.

Capital Coloured Diamonds also needs secure transportation. They generally transport their diamonds in small private planes.  All of their pilots and diamond carriers are pre-screened by a trusted security agency, and their security clearances are regularly renewed.


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