Capital Coloured Diamonds Pink Argyle Diamonds

Pink argyle diamonds are one of the hottest trends in jewelry right now.  These very valuable pink diamonds are about 20 times as valuable as more traditional clear diamonds because of their color and rarity. Pink diamonds are extremely popular and valuable, and the pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond mine are considered the most valuable. The Argyle Diamond mine produces the largest number of pink diamonds out of all diamond mines in the world. Argyle Pink Diamonds come from the mine in Perth, Australia, but they are sold all over the world by companies like Capital Coloured Diamonds. They are usually sold by invitation only at special diamond selling events. If you are interested in learning more about pink argyle diamonds, contact Capital Coloured Diamonds.

Capital Coloured Diamonds is one of the top sellers of pink argyle diamonds in the world. Because they are such a large and major buyer of diamonds, they are able to get some of the best prices on pink argyle diamonds as compared to other companies. On their web site, you can see beautiful custom jewelry made with stunning pink diamonds. You can also see examples of loose pink diamonds of several shapes, cuts, and sizes.

Pink argyle diamonds are also an excellent investment opportunity. As they increase in popularity, pink argyle diamonds are expected to increase in price. As they begin to grow more and more popular, pink diamonds also are projected to become even more rare, and therefore more valuable. Since only so many diamonds can be produced, price and demand are projected to increase. Capital Coloured Diamonds have special investment specialists who can help people determine which type of pink diamond would be the best investment for them.  If you are interested in diamonds as a stable, solid investment, get in touch with the experts at Capital Coloured Diamonds to get started today.


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